Why join the group in tours to Tibet ?

During our small group tours, you will travel by one of our clean, safe and comfortable buses in the company of other tourists. Not only a means to save money, a small group tour gives you the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. Those traveling alone may particularly appreciate the opportunity to share their experience with new-found friends.

"It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books, But It is the best to reading ten thousand faces." _A Chinese proverb.

Therefore, to join the group in traveling Tibet is the better way to choose.

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White potala in Patala

Please be advised that we definitely launch the departure even if one pax in it, with the booking only of three months prior to the departure!

Recommended Small Group Tour in 2016  

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Trip highlights:

Our group tours allow you to make friends from all over the world. Access Tibet Tour's small group tours feature the best of what Tibet has to offer:
Join the rolling sea of murmuring pilgrims as they wend their way up to the Potala Palace, join the shuffling, and the shrines of the Jokhang, Let yourself be swept through the streets of the Barkhor, Be enveloped by the vast expanses of the Tibetan landscape. To view the sunrise and sunset at theMt. Everest Base Camp, is to know awe at nature's wonders.

Trip highlights:

The six days Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse tour package is the "Golden Route" of Tibet tours. If you stay in Lhasa, you can only get a little taste of Tibet's majesty, charm and diversity. The "Golden Route" will show you most of the real highlights of Tibet travel: the unique overland landscapes, the snow-covered mountains, plateau lakes, more and different monasteries and the chance to get close to the real people of Tibet.

Trip highlights:

4 day Tibet tours are designed to stretch the boundaries of ordinary travel, and will give you an intimate knowledge of the lands, culture, and people of Tibet. We create authentic cultural connections that allow you to experience the bounties on the “roof of the world,” rather than just seeing one monastery after the next. So if you’re tired of the same old tour routes companies have been using for years, let us help you discover the hidden gems of Tibet with these unique tours. Highlights of the Trip: Deep into the Tibetan Culture, Daily Life, None-man-made Nature, discover more & Learn More...

What's the difference between a Private Tour and a Join-in Tour?

Join-in group tours are a more economic means of traveling to Tibet, as compared with ourprivate tours.
During a private tour, the professional tour guide, licensed driver and vehicle will be solely at your disposal for the entire duration of your tour.

In a group tour, however, while your guide will speak good English and be knowledgeable about Tibet, his or her attention will be divided between several clients. Accommodations during a group tour consist of reliable and affordable 3-star class hotels (guesthouse in Rongbulk Monastery). While these hotels are excellently located and very clean, hotel employees may not be able to speak English and breakfast usually consists of relatively simple fare. Group tours are nonetheless an excellent means of visiting Tibet for the more budget-conscious.

Special Note:

For those who wish to extend their tour to Nepal, the Friendship Highway between Lhasa and Kathmandu offers scenic delights and worthwhile detours. ATT meticulously selects the best destinations of Tibet and Kathmandu for a small group tour that will leave even the most hardened traveler awe-struck.
This tour follows an optimum route that brings you to Tibet's main attractions, offers superb scenic views, and features a spectacular roller-coaster ride from high La Lung-la down into the Kathmandu valley.

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