100 new questions in Tibet tour

These newly aroused questions and answers are said to be the great help when you travel Tibet. And it is even said that you won't have any problems if you are familiar with the answers to these questions. Don't Believe it? Now again follow Mark Lee who has been working in Tibet Tourism over than 25 years starting with a guide through to company's president, and get to be familiar to the answers

1. Do I need to do physical exercises before going to Tibet?

Well, I don't think there is any relationship between whether a strong body / a weak body and the altitude symptoms, though many people think having a strong body won't have any high altitude sickness. To common people, no need to do physical exercises deliberately, before going to Tibet. If you do want to, I suggest then a jogging is good enough, but not do it one week prior to the departure for Tibet. 

2. What medicine can help prevent altitude sickness? and how earlier to take that medicine before going to Tibet?

According to my previous guiding experience, Diamox pills can help prevent reducing the altitude symptoms. When I was a guide for OAT groups every three days in 10 years ago, tourists from USA had that kind of pills, and it did help.

Well, if you are interested in Tibet Herbal Medicine, then Herba Rhodiolae is in a great help. However ,this will be taken one week before you go to Tibet. When after you establish yourself in Tibet, it is then little help. It is a herbal medicine but was already made to Oral Liquid.

See the picture of Herba Rhodiolae

3. What are the symptoms of altitude sickness?  

One thing I think I have to let you all know, is that everybody will have more or less symptoms of altitude sickness, even no-life stuff will have physical changes, say for instance, the make-up cream bags will plumped up if you take them to Tibet. Therefore, psychological mind is more important, in another word please do not be scared. 

As for the symptoms of altitude sickness, I would like list them here as below. But before list them, I have to say that all these listed items are not all that you have. Some people have these symptoms but others have those. 

headaches, ear  tingling, sore muscle, hard to sleep, dizzy, out of breath, etc. some even severe symptoms are throw-out,  vomitting, diarrhea, etc.