Tibet Tour Packages and customizations

                                                 What is a private Tibet Tour about?

In the case of a private tour, you (alone, or with your spouse, family, or friends) will be provided with an English speaking, licensed tour guide, as well as a private vehicle (which size will depend on the size of your group) and a licensed driver. The guide, driver and vehicle will be solely at your disposal for the entire duration of your tour.

Simple word for that, you have freedom to control your tour when in Tibet, the guide, the driver, where to stop, what food you like, what time to visit sightseeing, what to see, and etc. are all up to you.

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Tibet tours in the middle and center of Tibet land

Our pre-planned tours are listed below. And all private Tibet tours can be customized. Our Trip advisers are all ready to help in your trip to Tibet. Besides, if you want to take a group tour, please refer to our Join-in Tour.

Unique experiences, arranged by Access Tibet Tour

We know many of our clients do not want to be the "typical tourists", desiring to leave the beaten-path for more authentic experiences. ATT offers the following specially designed tours for tourists seeking a more unique experience.

Popular Tibet Tour packages

Our carefully selected Tibet tours which are also popular for years, are provided for your choice

 Holy Lhasa City Tour           3 nights/ 4 days 

Lhasa, famed as "the City of Sunshine", is the capital of Tibet ,   and the center of Tibet's political, economic, cultural, religious activities, and Tibet tours. There are many historic sites and famous relics in the city , such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung and Sera Monasteries.

Lhasa City Tour Extended to Namtso Lake In North Tibet    5 nights/ 6 days 

Traveling in Tibet is an experience to stimulate the senses, ancient temples, teeming markets, prayer halls filled with praying monks, and the stunning blue waters of Namtso holy lake. This is a tour that will live long in the memory. This six day tour will bring you to the great religious landmarks of Lhasa.

 Classic Tibet Tour         6 nights/ 7 days 

The seven days Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse tour package is the "Golden Route" of Tibet tours. If you stay in Lhasa, you can only get a little taste of Tibet's majesty, charm and diversity. The "Golden Route" will show you most of the real highlights of Tibet travel: the unique overland landscapes, the snow-covered mountains, plateau lakes, more and different monasteries and the chance to get close to the real people of Tibet.

Lhasa and TsedangTour   6 nights/ 7 days

The tour to Tsedang Shannan prefecture including Lhasa city in total 6 days is just a Tibetan Culture tour, with a few firsts in Tibet such as the first monastery Samye Monastery, the first palace Yongbulakhang, the first Great Master padmasambhava, etc. Of course you will see farmers' cultivating in the fields, driving their yaks and sheep crossing the highway, lovely smile on the face, hospitality in greeting you when you face them going. Worth much visiting!

We can also arrange a tour consisting of any combination of the above destinations, lasting for 10 to 20 days or more, according to your request. In short, we provide the Tibet tour you want, with no compromises. 

                                                             See the following base on which you can customize your Tibet tour

              Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour   
          Classic Tibet Tour plus Mt. Everest Base Camp, usually 10 days

To go to Everest for a tour is NOT difficult as you imagine nowadays! In a private tour to Everest, you have your preferred vehicle such as Jeep or land-cruiser, your local Tibetan guide, your free time as your control, whether like to stay in a camping tent or guesthouse in the monastery. You can finish the tour in you tight time of 5 days, or you can take a slow-space tour to extend to 10 days including trekking there, even ride a high-plateau train on the way back. The unforgettable of the tour never let you down...

Tibet "Switzerland View" Tour 
Tour to Nyingchi, usually 7 days

In Eastern Tibet Nyingchi as one of 6 prefectures Tibetans grow rice, bananas, and the views is just like that in Switzerland, so never think Tibet has only Barley, Wheat, bu less vegetable. There you see stunning mixture landscapes of typical Tibet terrain feature and sub-tropic views as well. And also this is a pre-stop place for those who are afraid of high altitude sickness before landing Lhasa, capital of Tibet. Flowers combination with snow is the eye-catching and breath-taking views. 

Overland Tibet Tours

for those who like real adventure, and more physically demanding tours

For the expedition to the far or remote area of Tibet, we list here below as the adventure tours but with not much details, as they are more tailor-made tours than common people shared tours. So contact us for a custom tour, just for you.

Overland tour from Chengdu to Lhasa

(14 days +/- )

The overland tour from Chengdu Sichuan to Tibet can be viewed as the most adventurous one, while the scenery along the way is the most stunning beautiful. For successfully accomplishing this trip, a comparatively long time for preparation will be necessary, at around 14 days.
Overland tour from Lijiang to Lhasa

(10 day +/-)

The overland tour from Lijiang Yunnan to Lhasa Tibet (via Lijiang) is less difficult than driving from Chengdu to Lhasa, but the scenery along the way is also stunning beautiful.Our guide and private vehicle for you will be waiting for you at Lijiang.
Overland Tour From Lhasa to Kathmandu

(9 days +/-)

Drive over the Tibetan Himalayas by way of the incredible Highway between Lhasa and Kathmandu that connects Nepal with Tibet. Enjoy the Fabulous mountain scenery en route, visit mystical Buddhist monasteries of Tashilumpo ...

Trekking Tours In Tibet

Note: The trekking time shown in title of the following tours means there are a few days trekking time in the total tour days

Trekking / hiking around Yamdrok Lake which is one of the 4 holy lakes sounds extremely enjoyable, beautiful view, not touristy, water and snow-capped mountain in the destance,etc. In this trekking, you can customize it to a hiking, with your private vehicle following you up carrring tents but no yaks or horses. It is avaialbe all year round.

A trekking from Ganden to Samye is the most popular trekking route in Tibet. During this trek, you will see lakes, beautiful alpine forests and meadows, as well as two centres of Tibetan religious culture. The best time for this trekking is from May to Mid of Oct. Summer will be wet but the mountians are at their greenest and wild flowers spangle the alpine meadows. Before your start this trekking you need a couple of days at Lhasa to acclimatise.

The Tsurphu to Yangpachen trekking is an excellent choice for those who want to get a close look at the Tibetan herders (drokpa) and their semi-nomadic lifestyle. Although they have permanent winter homes they still spend much of the year camping with their animals. Yangpachen Beginning at Tsurphu Monastery this rugged walk crosses several alpine valleys before emerging into the broad and windswept Yangpachen valley. This is a high elevation trekking exceeds 4400m for the entire duration and a maximum elevation of 5300m at the Lasar-la. Combining alpine tundra and sweeping mountain panoramas with visit to monasteries and a nunnery, this trekking nicely balances cultural and wilderness activities. The Best time for this trekking is from Mid- April to Mid of October.

In this 9 days tour,you will see not only many beautiful palces in Lhasa,but also you can see Shalu Monastery,Ngor Monastery,Nartang Monastery,Tashilunpo Monastery and have many trekkings around these famous monasteries. This two or three days walk is a good opportunity to get a feel for trekking in Tibet. The two passes en route, Showa-la and Char-la, are not panicularly high or difficult and the trail heads are easily accessible from Shigatse. This trekking begins at the historic Shalu Monastery and traverses west over a couple of small ranges to Ngor Monastery. From Ngor it is a downhill slog to Nartang Monastery. The route passes through several villages as well as uninhabited dry canyons. It is about a 10 hours walk to Ngor from Shalu, which is best divided into two days and another seven hours from there to Nartang. This trekking tour can be done from April to the end of October.

Located 230km from Lhasa,and the northern plateau of Nagqu county, trekking here you will experience the forest green, fragrant flowers, a landscape of lakes and mountains, full of vitality,although at an altitude of about 4700 meters,. Due to its beauty, people like to call it Zhuoma (a very beautiful girl in Tibetan language) Zhuoma Canyon Scenic Area. She situates north-south direction, two sides have quite different climate. One side is the snow capped mountains, the other side is lush shrubs. The perpetual snow ice melting into a clear mountain valley. The Xuefeng top eagle on the eastern side of the hill, wild sheep, marmot and Himalaya, hare, plateau grassland animal. In the blue sky, clear water, snow capped mountains together in a unique plateau scenery. There's a modern glacier erosion landform, Xun phosphate rocks, caves around, charming and extraordinary as if done by the spirits, left Many touching Legends.

The focus of this trip is a spectacular 4 day trek that gets you out of Lhasa and quickly into some of the most spectacular trekking terrain you will ever see. Starting 2-3 days at the famous Lake Namtso we camp away from the normal tourist site, sharing our camp with nomads and yaks. Not too far the base of Mt. Chomokangar, a stunning peak just short of 7000m. We then spend the next 2 days exploring the incredible alpine environment and views. If you only have a short amount of time and you want to get amongst glaciers, alpine lakes, yaks and pikas and experience camping out near yak herders piques your interest, this trip is a perfect choice.

Everest Base Camp trekking is the second popular trekking route in Tibet. And most of the time you will walk on a plateau over 4300m, even you will cross over one pass Nam-la 5300m, so this trekking route is a really difficult high-elevation.However, because of the high-altitude, it offers a splendour views of north face of Everest and other snow mountain peaks around. The Everest Base Camp Trekking tour can be done from April to late October. Our tour involves a few day sightseeing at Lhasa at first and some of the tours off the Friendship Hwy to Old Tingri to acclimatise.

A trek to the East Face of Everest This trek is quite special with only a few people trekking this region in a year. A Journey through the Kharta Valley , passing through several other verdant tiny valleys along the way which are dotted with beautiful lakes on a journey to the Khangshung face, the Eastern face of the Mt. Everest. This isolated region borders Mt. Everest in the West, to the South lies the jagged Himalayan range of Makalu. North and East lies the arid Tibetan Plateau. The region is famous for its pristine wilderness, beautiful lakes and superb views of Mt. Makalu (8475m), Mt. Karma Changri (6289m) along with the enormous Khangsung glacier.

Newly Launched Tour Designed by Ourselves---Exclusive, private tour

A Tour To Nature Including Mountain & Lakes, Hotels & Tents, Jeep & Trekking

for details, please contact us at (the reason why we do not show you here is that we want to keep it exclusive tour)

Tour Type: In to nature, trekking, and camping.      Tour Length: 9 days tour in total including trekking & camping

Tibet Adventure Tours

Coming to Tibet is itself a kind of adventure, right?  However, Those challenging the world without coming to Tibet for an adventure tour won't be regarded as the real challengers. Why? Because Tibet has all of the conditions which in other places only some of them exist, such as high altitude, not enough oxygen, simple supplies, less support, etc.

Mt.Kailash Kora actually is a pilgrim circumambulation. Many pilgrims of all religions come to worship the mountain and to walk around it.Right now it becomes a very popular trekking route for tourists. More and more people come here to do the Kailash Kora. The kora is 53km long...

Bicycling Tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Cycling in the Tibetan Plateaus from Lhasa to Kathmandu is an awe-inspiring experience that is a must for adventure cyclists. Starting and finishing in two of Asia’s most exotic cities, in 16 days we will cycle 5 major passes over 5000m and traverse a distance of 1000 km over the backbone...

Interested in the special and custom tours mentioned above? Your are free to Contact Us to get a price and day by day tour programs accordingly.

How to decide on your itinerary, and determine a price?

Since we know every traveler's interests and requirements are UNIQUE, we provide personalized travel service for you, whether you are an individual travelers, a couple, a family, or an organized group. Here are easy steps to follow to work out a perfect, and reasonably priced, itinerary:

1) Decide how many days you have to travel in Tibet and when you want to begin;

2) Choose a tour route from the list above or simply prepare a list of places where you want to go.

3) Decide on the number of travelers. The bigger the group, the more money you can save. We provide a free trip for one person for every 16th person in a group (not including the airfare). Single travelers will need to pay the single supplement.

4) Decide the class of the hotel at which you wish to stay (number of stars). Keep in mind that accommodations are not as luxurious as in Beijing and Shanghai. The best hotel in Lhasa is classed at 4 stars. We provide 4 star, 3 star hotels and guesthouse accommodation (cheaper hotels which have a variety of rooms with or without bathroom). For most North American and European travelers, we suggest that you choose 3 star hotels or better.

5) Decide if you need our help in acquiring air tickets. We provide air tickets in and out of Lhasa, and can also provide tickets for domestic flights in China.

6) Remember to notify us if you have any special requirements (e.g. vegetarian, other dietary requirements, non-smoking, etc.)

7) Tell us if you have any other special requirements (e.g. vegetarian, not certain meats, non-smoking, etc.)

Additionally Access Tibet Tour has a long established relationship with tour operators in major tourist destinations in China. We are able to arrange, in addition toTibet tours, tours in Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guilin, Kunming, Suzhou,Hangzhou, as well as Yangtze river cruises. Just tell us where you want to go, and leave the rest to us!

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Important note:

Please keep in mind that you must enter and exit Tibet within the time listed on your Tibet travel permit (eg. If you book a two day tour, you cannot stay in Tibet for three days or more; you MUST leave after two days).

When you are ready with the above information, please send us an inquiry by filling out this online inquiry form. Once we have all of the relevant information, we will get back to you with a full itinerary and quotation within 24 hours (may need 48 hours on weekends). The more information that you provide us the more quickly we will be able to organize your itinerary.