Take the train to Tibet on the Qinghai Tibet Railway!

About Tibet Train Ride


Tibet Train Tour or Tibet Train Travel is a tour mainly based on the train running on the Tibet Plateau just as the cruise on Nile River or Yangtse River.


It’s basically a train transportation -- transferring you to Tibet, Not a tour with relying on the train, by which you can stay overnight on the train, await you while you are visiting and go forward after onboard again.


It’s better to take the train than air to Tibet for acclimatizing altitude sickness.


It’s better to take the flight to Tibet. 

Since right after you finally get acclimatized to the altitude of a certain feet’s height, you have to face another breathing problem, and then another, while the train is running up and up. Your body is struggling in this situation all the time, and finally you will feel even more uncomfortable. Let me take an example to illustrate it. Which do you feel more painful, being accidentally hurt fast use a saw slowly to hurt yourself? 


You can watch more scenes by taking the train from other places to Tibet.


From the feedback of our guides and the tourists traveled with our company, we draw a conclusion that you will see MORE to take the train from Tibet to other places. We, Tibet Travel Dot Com with much experience, strongly recommend you to enjoy Tibet train experience the other way around.

Other reasons why you are strongly recommended to take train from Lhasa to any place of inland China

Only in this way you are 100% guaranteed the soft sleeper or the other requests if the travel agents are powerful enough (we never failed to help getting the requested train tickets for our clients if the bookings are no later than 30 days, or if there is NO government interference);

You can have more choices from 4 to 5 departing trains from Lhasa if you stop on the way to some place.

This is BIG: It is now possible to go to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the world's highest altitude railway. While traveling to Tibet by train takes much longer than by plane, you will be witness to thousands of miles of the most stunning landscapes in the world, rolling by outside your window.

  • Lhasa-Beijing: 47 hours 04 minutes; distance: 4064km
  • Lhasa-Chengdu: 45 hours 40 minutes; distance: 3360km
  • Lhasa-Chongqing: 46 hours 32 minutes; distance: 3654km
  • Lhasa-Shanghai: 48 hours 58 minutes; distance: 4373km
  • Lhasa-Guangzhou: 56 hours 10 minutes; distance: 4980km
    * Other possible destinations: Golmud, Xining, Lanzhou and Xi'an.

>> Timetable and Ticket Prices for Trains of Qinghai-Tibet Railway

About the Qinghai-Tibet Railway:

* The Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the world's highest altitude railway. 960 kilometers of its track are located more than 4,000 meters above sea-level, with the highest point at 5,072 meters (more than 200 meters higher than the Peruvian railway in the Andes, formerly the world's most elevated track). Click here for more facts on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway...

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Map

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Map

Want to experience train travel on Qinghai-Tibet railway?

Access Tibet Tour is a professional tour operator based in Lhasa. We have been in the travel business in Tibet for years and provide flexible, responsive service, and excellent value for your money. If you would like to experience the Qinghai-Tibet railway for yourself, click here to contct us, and simply leave the rest to us.

Please note that we do not offer ticket-only service. Also note that it is sometimes more difficult to purchase train tickets for trains going to Tibet than for trains leaving Tibet. We strongly advise going to Tibet by plane, and experiencing the Qinghai-Tibet railway on the return trip (The experience is identical for both incoming and outgoing trains). While our success rate is high in acquiring incoming train tickets, they are in extremely high demand. In the case of outgoing train tickets, however, we can guarantee them.

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