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Tibet Train Ticket from Zhengzhou to Lhasa

Tibet train ticket from Beijing to Lhasa

Tibet Train ticket from Shanghai to Lhasa

Guess you do not know, Chinese language, but unfortunately, most of the tickets are written in Chinese printing. In addition, the site's online booking train tickets in Tibet is for Chinese people. Is there any way for train tickets to Tibet? The answer is yes. Contact now visit Tibet tourism this is just who can book tickets for your organization. However, in what way?

What  type is Tibet train &  which class you feel comfortable?

The train is one of the express train, but it does not look as beautiful as those you see in China. It is green, environmental protection construction, two traction engine, and the Tibetan plateau with no heat (temperature) on especially in Golmu to Lhasa section of the food supply.
Three ways to ride it. A sofa, like sitting in the car. The other is hard, is economical, but lying on the bed. The third is comfortable and less people, soft sleeper. See internal structure

From the image shown above, it is best to feel comfortable in Tibet train soft sleeper compartment. However, according to the Tibet Railway Bureau, a person can only buy his / her own ticket. In other words, you can not occupy all four sleeper compartment of the cabinet.

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Tibet High Plateau Train

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China Inland Train

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1. Because when fetching Tibet train tickets, and before boarding on Tibet train, and when on the train, you will be surely asked to show the Conductor your Tibet permit, we are not responsible for any loss if you do not have Tibet permit.

2. Item 1 means that we do NOT need Tibet permit only when booking Tibet train tickets. However, after that you
have to have Tibet permit in the next procedures. 

3. There is no refund of service charge. But the fee of after minus punishment for cancelling the ticket(s) from China Railway Corporation, can be refunded.  

4. By Submit Form, it means that you agree to the terms mentioned above.

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What files prepared in order to buy Tibet train tickets

1. Require passport information

In order to get Tibet Permit you must firstly book a tour

because it is illegal to sell Tibet permit

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