Tibet Travel Tips and FAQ

100 New Questions & Answers For You To read when you travel Tibet.

It is said by other tourists that you won't have any problem in Tibet tours if you get to know about the answers to these questions. Try them, and see if it is true or not.

A.  About preparations before you go

1. Do I have to do some physical exercises before you going to Tibet?

Answer: You do not have to do some for physical exercises for certainty, though some people think it s good to have strong body.  You know, everybody has more or less high altitude symptoms so just take it easy.
Well, on the contrary, you have to stop or do less physical exercises if you do every day at one week prior to the departure for Tibet

A. General Information:

1. When is the best time to visit Tibet?
2. What’s the weather like in Tibet?
3. What do you suggest we bring with us if we travel to Tibet?
4. What is high season? What is the definition for high season, shoulder season and low season?
5. What currency do I have to use in Tibet?
6. Is it easy to find an ATM in Tibet?
7. What credit cards are accepted in Tibet?
. I cannot open my gmail box, or facebook, etc. Can you help me with this issue?

B. Travel Document:

1. What documents do I need if I am planning to travel to Tibet?
2. Do I need Visa for China?
3. What should I be aware of when apply for the China Visa?
4. How can I get China visa in Hong Kong?
5. Do I need double/multi-entry visa if I come to Tibet from China mainland and return China mainland after the trip?
6. If I travel via Nepal to Tibet, are there any special requirements on China visa?
7. What’s the procedure to get China visa in Katmandu?
8. What is Tibet Travel Permit?
9. What do I need to do to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit?
10. Can I get the Tibet Travel Permit easily?
11. When do I need to apply for the Tibet travel Permit?
12. With this Tibet Travel Permit, where can I go in Tibet?
13. How can you send the Permit to me, or how can I receive it?

C. Tour Booking:

1. Do you offer join-in tour or can I join a group?
2. What is private tour?
3. How can I make a tour itinerary?
4. What does your tour cost?
5. I want an independent/private tour, but I do not want to do shopping, can you manage it?
6. Besides your sightseeing tours, do you have any other special tours like trekking, hiking, rafting, horse riding, etc?
7. What methods of payment do you accept?
8. How can I pay the balance?
9. Why is the money you charged to my credit card more than that you claimed to me?
10. What is your cancellation policy?

D. Lodging and Eating:

1. What are the hotels like in Tibet?
2. Can explain what the budget guesthouse, comfortable hotel and best available hotel are?
3. What are the hotel rooms like in hotels in Tibet?
4. Does the hotel room have access to internet?
5. Is there 24-hour hot water running?
6. What can I eat in Tibet?

E. Transportation:

1. What are the baggage regulations when flying inside China?
2. Can you help buy the domestic flight ticket in China?
3. Can you buy e-ticket for me?
4. Is it easy to purchase a train ticket to Tibet now?
5. Do I need a heath report when I travel by train to Tibet?
6. What vehicle do you use in Tibet?

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