How to pay?

Thank you for choosing ATT as your tour operator. For our clients' convenience, we provide various payment ways as below:

A. If you are now in China for a temporary work or something like that
     you can choose this method.

Pay via Alipay and/or Wechat 

If you are working, studying, visiting, etc.  in China we here would like to provide with you the QR-code for you to easily scan and make payment, if you have the relevant account

Our Alipay Account:

Our WeChat Account:

Scan the QR code for the transfer of the payment.  

Now the main way of making payment to us when you book with us!

Paypal logoPaypal Logo
Western Union Logo

B. Other than A,  you have more-than-one methods to make payment to us
     (see the images above)

1. Pay by PayPal - the safest way to pay online, but the highest service charge for you 

We choose the state-of-art secure payment solution of Paypal as main payment way for our online customers. Whatever you have or have not a Paypal account, you can pay us with Paypal, which is now used by over 100 millions people over the world.

After you confirm to take a Tibet tour (and its price) provided by one of our travel advisors, you will receive a Paypal payment link in an Email message. By following the payment link you will be led to Paypal's secure payment website.

If you have a Paypal account, you just need to login to your account and send the money to us by a few clicks. You even don't need to send us any information of your credit card.

If you do not have a Paypal account, you just need to provide Paypal with your credit card information, and Paypal will charge the money from your credit card and transfer it to our account. In this way you also do not need to send us your credit card information. Of course you may also sign up a new Paypal account very easily, and then pay us through your Paypal account.

To learn more about Paypal's secure payment system, please click here.

a. Please note that our Paypal account is paypal@accesstibettour.net (pay attention to "net", not "com")

b. Or another Paypal account is pay-pal@accesstibettour.com 

We have no more paypal account other than those two mentioned above 

2. Western Union: They charge you by per transaction at US$30, but not according to the amount of money.

Western Union:

If you once use the Western Union, you know it is also a safe way for money to be transferred. You go to the bank which can do the Western Union money transfer, and then you keep a password or code after you finish the money transfer formality, and send it to your Tour Advisor. In this way you know to whom you send the money, and feel safe too.

3. Wire Transfer: the cheapest & fast way so far

Pay by Wire Transfer:

Paying us by wire transfer is easy and quick. Your money can be wired to our bank (Tibet branch of Bank of China) account from any bank.

Our bank account is as below:

Bank Inoformation:  Bank of china, Tibet Branch
Bank Address:       No. 7 Linkuo West Road, Lhasa, Tibet PRC
Swift Code:         BKCHCNBJ900
Bank Account:       1388 0259 1376
Company Name:       Tibet Skyline International Travel Service ,Inc.

Here is the bank account information in Chinese:

**After you sent the money through your bank, please send us the email as attachment of the receipt of the payment provided by the bank 

FAQ: Can I use credit card in Lhasa?

It is not so easy to use credit card in Lhasa as in other big cities in China. You can only use credit card in a few top class hotels like Lhasa Hotel and Tibet Hotel; and in a few tourist shops. You can not withdraw cash from any bank in Lhasa, but you can withdraw cash in RMB from a few ATM machines - but please remember, you can only withdraw not more than RMB5000, and you can only do it once in a week!