Dickey Orphanage Fund Program

We send the donation to the orphanage in your names!

Progam Background:

Dickey Orphanage

Tibet is regarded as a celestial land because of its unique cultural and geographical features. People from all over the world are drawn to this land of mystery. Modern Tibet is developing and changing rapidly. Tourism has become a major industry for the people of Tibet and is helping them to achieve a much better quality of life. Nevertheless, there are still people who are living far under the average level and they need help to improve their standard of living. ACCESS TIBET TOUR is committed to helping those in need in Tibet. Beginning in 2008, our company will allocate a percentage of its income as a donation to the Dickey Orphanage, a self-run orphanage in a suburb of Lhasa.

About Dickey Orphanage:

In Lhasa, there's been a "sweet home" to over 80 children, most of whom are orphans. It is called Dickey Orphanage. The found of Dickey Orphanage is a self-motivated action by a middle-aged Tibetan woman, Tamdrin Dadhon, or as the children calling her, 'Mama'. "Dickey" in Tibetan language means "Fine and Happiness", which Mama Tamdrin wanted all of their children to be of.

The orphans

Having seen what many poor Tibetan children had suffered, Tamdrin Dadhon was thinking it was too cruel for these little kids to go through such miseries and she needed to do something to make a better life for them. In September 10th, 2002, Tamdrin Dadhon sold her family jewels, gathered the proceeds of the teahouse and with 300,000 yuan and a lot of courage started Dickey Orphanage in Lhasa, Tibet's capital. Thus, Tamdrin Dadhon's generous and humane course got started.

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What will Access Tibet Tour do?

Although there are more and more kind-hearted people getting to know of Dickey Orphanage and helping the children in various ways, this orphanage is short of a stable supply of fund to keep it running. Since we are a travel agency based in Lhasa and bringing tourist from all over the world to Tibet, Access Tibet Tour plan to build a fund for Dichey Orphanage. Beginning in January 1, 2008, our company will allocate a percentage of its income as a donation to this fund.

Every booking of a Tibet tour will create an automatic $10 (USD) donation to our fund at the ATT Foundation. There will be a donation ceremony held at the Dickey Orphanage semiannually to present the orphanage with all donations created during the previous six month period.

What are the donations used for?

The New Building of Dickey Orphanage

The orphanage will use the donations to meet their most urgent needs. At the present time, what they critically need is money for food, teachers and heating equipment. The orphanage must also repay a loan which was taken to provide for a new building for the orphans. Visitors and local residents have been very helpful in donating clothes, quilts, medicine and toys, etc. But they need a stable supply of fund to keep it running.

How can donaors know that the donations are used properly?

ACCESS TIBET TOUR will guarantee that 100% of your donation will go directly to the orphanage. We will provide you with the address and phone number of the orphanage. The use of the money is closely supervised. We invite our customers to visit Dickey Orphanage in Lhasa, and to interact with the children and perhaps purchase the handicraft products made by the children. These are truly unique ways for you and Access Tibet Tour to show these children that we care about them.

Our first fund will be sent to Dickey Orphanage in July 2008.

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