Wonderful Arrangement!

Hi Celine,

How are you doing this day? How is your holidays?

Celine, first of all, we would like to thank you for arranging this wonderful trip for us.We all really enjoy ourselves. And I must say that none of my pax got sick except for me hahaha. I tried my best to look after them, and when they told me that they don't feel well, I quickly massage them. At the end I am the one who felt ill hahaha but I am ok now.

First stop in Chengdu, our tour guide is very good and have arranged for us to have good meals all to our liking. The Opera show is very good and I video tape most of the show thank you for suggesting it instead of the temple. The Panda is so cute but it was drizzling when we went there for a visit but it is ok coz everyone enjoy it. We had our lunch and made good time for the airport and we took the juice before we went up to Lhasa.

In Lhasa first day, I already feel tightness of the chest coz have to walk to your office to make last payment, which is quite far but I made it hahaha.

Tse Tan, our tour guide in Lhasa is very good. All the arrangement that he made was nicely time and on the 3rd day the bus drove us all the way up to Drepung Monastery so we don't have to walk and it snow that day. In one day we saw sun, rain, snow and rock snow it is really amazing. All the meals in Lhasa is very good, we have not complain thank you. Lhasa is really a mystical and wonderful place to visit. If given the opportunity, I will go back there again with another group but not this year hahaha.

I must also mention about the driver Tan, he is really amazing too.He is very caring and a very very good driver. Driving on bad roads and up the mountains none of my pax vomited or complained that they feel sick, I am really amazed with his driving skills. I take my hat off for him.

Tan the driver is also a very kind hearted person coz on Friday before we left while in Gyantse I felt really sick and can hardly walk after dinner, he offered to carry me back to the hotel but I refused and slowly made it back to the hotel with the group. As soon as we arrived at the hotel he quickly get me a glass of hot water and went off to buy glucose for me to drink and when ask how much he didn't want me to pay him, he just say that it didn't cost much. I really am grateful to him for helping me.

I am so glad that all the people that we meet along the way are really very nice and warm hearted and made our trip a memorable one.

Celine, thank you once again for such a wonderful arrangement and for everything that you did for us in this trip.

Thanks & regards


Philippa Yapp

Customer name(s): Philippa Yapp, etc.
Nationalities: Bruneian, Malaysian and British
Travel dates: April 22, 2007-April 29, 2007
Itinerary: 8 daysLhasa/Tsedang/Gyantse/Shigatse/Lhasa

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