Shanghai strives for straight train to Lhasa

Shanghai Railway Bureau is striving for launching passenger train to Lhasa July 1 when Qinghai-Tibet Railway will launch its trial operation, sources from related department.

Tibet Railway

Preparations including ticket price, schedule, and trainman selection are under tense proceeding. The straight Shanghai-Lhasa trip will cost about 52 hours by train.

"Ticket price of Shanghai-Lhasa train may be same with Shanghai-Urumchi." told by a related principal of Shanghai Railway Travel Agency. In addition, special group will enter Tibet for investigation of tour routes, sceneries and other items. Decided quoted price of travel in Tibet by train will be told at the end of March according to this principal.

July 1 in 2006, Qinghai-Tibet Railway will launch its trial operation, announced by State Ministry of Railways. The first group of trains entering Tibet will be from Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai deployed by State Ministry of Railways.

Specials trains with a plateau oxygen supply system are equipped to guarantee smooth operation and passengers' safety in an extremely cold and anoxic environment.

In addition, passengers also can be served with comfortable dining-rooms and bathrooms.

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