Tibet Travel Reviews from ATT Customers 2008

We started our Tibet travel service since 1991. And AccessTibetTour.com was published in 2004 when we started to provide online service. 

We are honored to have received countless praises from our respectful guests from all over the world. Here are just a few of them:

Hi Kitty!

We would like to thank you for the great time we had in Tibet!

Everything was great, and we loved Lhasa and all the tour to Everest Base Camp. The people, the monasteries, the landscape, everything is beautiful there!

We would like to thank Tsirim, our guide! He was a great guide and very sweet!!

Thanks a lot!

Paloma, Luciana, Alessandra e Marcelo

Customer name(s): Paloma Sol Fontes Barbosa e Silva
Nationality: Brazil
Travel date: October 22, 2008 to October 28, 2008
Itinerary: 7 days Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse-Mt. Everest Base Camp-Lhatse-Lhasa

Hi Kitty:

Greetings and I hope all is well with you. I would like to thank you for setting up a wonderful trip to Tibet. I had a great time seeing the beautiful sites and meeting the wonderful people of Tibet. Lob Sang my guide and Mr. Huang my driver were first class in all areas. The type of trip described on your web site is what caught my attention to your agency. I was able to see most of the itinerary (except the Ganden and Samye Monasteries which were closed). The highlights for me were the various monasteries/temples that I visited and my guides expert understanding of the history and culture of Tibet and Buddhism. Also, the beautiful scenery of the Tibetan land (for example the Potala, Drak Yerpa, and Mt. Everest Base camp). As you can tell, I had a great time. The reason for this is that it was what I had in mine. However, there were parts of the trip that were harder and more time consuming than other parts. The suggestions I have are as followed:

  1. Be sure that those on the same trip I took understand that there is some rough traveling on the roads to and from the various locations(the trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp is 100km of winding and rough roads, but seeing Mt. Everest was worth every km).
  2. Also, to emphasize that one must be flexible when traveling in Tibet. For example, the hotel I stayed in Lhasa (Shangbala) was great, but some of the other hotels outside of Lhasa were not the same. I enjoyed all the places I stayed at, but others may not.
  3. I know you talk about altitude sickness but you should point out that various places on the Itinerary require a certain amount of physical activity (for example climbing up to the beautiful caves of Drak Yerpa at 13,000ft where I met some wonderful people on their own Pilgrimage and saw some beautiful scenic views).

I hope this helps you in some way to better communicate to anyone who will follow the same Itinerary that I chose. I have, as you know, been planning this trip to Tibet for a long time. I must say I was not disappointed. I have wanted to see the various sights as presented in your advertisement for many years. Now I have and I would like to thank you once again for all that you and your staff have done to make my trip to Tibet a great one.

I am sorry we didn't have a chance to get together on my two trips to Chengdu (another great city as well as another great trip on my visit in May). However, I feel I have another good friend in China along with those I have met on my trips to China and Tibet. Please take care and I wish you continuous good health and happiness. Until next time I say good-by for now.


Customer name(s): Paul Thomas Eisenbacher
Nationality: United States of America
Travel date: September 14, 2008 to September 24, 2008
Itinerary: 11 days Lhasa- Gyantse- Shigatse- Shegar- Mt. Everest

Dear Kitty Chen,

Thank you so much for your recent letter and I apologize for taking so long to return it and give you some feedback from our trip.

First off, I was disappointed that we only had an opportunity to meet for only a few minutes when we arrived in Chengdu. I would have liked a better opportunity to thank you for having done so much effort in arranging our trip to Tibet.

That said, I can safely say that had it not been for your efforts and your "creative" itinerary management, I don't think that we would have had a trip to Tibet to have enjoyed. Your navigation of the Chinese government regulations constantly changing the rules over Tibetan tourism during this difficult time was masterful. Your knowledge in getting us into Tibet safely and connecting the rest of our itinerary truly made our trip excellent beyond what we thought could have been done. For all of that Jennifer and I are truly grateful.

As for the Tibet tour itself, I don't know if it could have been better. Our guide, Lob Sang, was a master of his country. Jennifer and I asked him hundreds of questions on Tibetan history, economics, religion, education, infrastructure, politics, food... there was nothing that he did not know. His explanations of the temples we visited gave us a far deeper understanding of what we saw than if we had been able to tour it all on our own. We didn't just "see" Tibet, we experienced it. It was absolutely wonderful.

The hotel you had us booked in was perfect. It was nicely tucked away, quiet and quite close to Johkang Temple which I liked to walk around before breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Being so close to the temple and to the market square around the temple allowed us to see so much of what Tibet and its people have to offer and take our time in selecting the right souvenirs to take home with us.

The temples were all wonderful and if I had a complaint about the trip, it was that we were not prepared to visit the orphanage. Though we didn't have a lot of available space for additional travel items, we would have liked to have been able to bring clothing items for the many children there. And we didn't have nearly enough money to offer them. There has to be some way to make that information available, yet not make it seem like you are "expecting" your guests to give to the orphanage. It is a fine line, but once they meet all those children, anyone would want to give what they can.

If we have any friends who are planning travel to Tibet you can be sure that we will be urging them to contact you to arrange their trip. The personal effort which you took to make our trip a success is greatly appreciated, and unfortunately, not very duplicated by many tour operators in the world.

If there is anything that we can do for you here in the U.S., please let us know. If you ever get a chance to come to the United States and wish to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona [where I live], be sure to let me know, and I will take you.

Best Regards,

Customer name(s): Robert Paul Laposta & Jennifer Kay Adolfs
Nationality: U.S.A.
Travel date: September 9, 2008 to September 13, 2008
Itinerary: 5 days Lhasa

Hey Kitty,

... ...

Same excellent service in arranging Tibet permit (for a single person) and of course car, driver and a guide. The guide spoke decent English and was very knowledgeable. The driver drove carefully and was also very kind and helpful.

Since I am an amateur photographer, the trip included many stops every here and there. Overall, though very short (all I could spare where 5 days) this trip was a great experience-Many thanks to Kitty and Ikelsang (my guide).

I full heartedly recommend Access Tibet Tour and Kitty.


Regards Uri

Thanks again for UR service.

Customer name(s): Uri Gal (K-10365-080826)
Nationality: Israel
Travel date: August 26, 2008 to September 1, 2008
Itinerary: 7 days Lhasa- Gyantse- Shigatse

Dear Christina,

Now we are happily back home. I want to thank you for arranging our tour so professionally, everything went perfectly. Our guide Yulla and our driver were really great, please pass this on to your head office. Be sure we will recommend your travel agency to all our friends who want to see Tibet. We really enjoyed Tibet, it was very interesting and exciting for us.

All the best and take care

Eva Poisel

Itinerary: 6 days Lhasa /Gyantse /Shigatse
Travel date: 2008 July 8th –July 13th
Customer name(s) EVA MAG.POISEL
Nationality: Austria

Hello Michael,

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our trip to Tibet. Our guide, Tenzhin was superb and looked after us from when we arrived at Lhasa Airport until we departed by train. The visit to Everest Base Camp was particularly memorable. All arrangements were excellent and we enjoyed the accommodation provided.

The driver was also excellent and worked very hard.

The weather was generally very kind to us and we did not feel the cold. Travel arrangements were also very good and we enjoyed our time in Beijing and Xian.

My thanks to you also for all your help. I hope to return one day and will certainly be pleased to recommend your company to others.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Andy Smith

Customer name(s): Andrew David Smith
Nationality: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Travel date: January 6, 2008-January 13, 2008
Itinerary: 8 days Lhasa- Shigatse- Mt. Everest

We started our Tibet travel service since 1991. And AccessTibetTour.com was published in 2004 when we started to provide online service.