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A Tibet Tour is a trip of a lifetime. No other destination provides so many unforgettable memories, such a deeply moving experience. A local Tibet travel agency makes travel to Tibet easy. With the benefit of our know-how, you will experience far more - and at a lower price – than you would experience on your own, all free from the frustrating mix-ups and mistakes that might otherwise keep you from immersing yourself in your journey. Our mission is to make your dream of a trip to Tibet a reality. And to distinguish from others, we specially and mainly focus on private Custom Tours.

Your tour is important, so is the tour operator that cares about it

Potala Palace in the snow

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Join A Group in Tibet Tours, but ours' even smaller to better enjoy it

small group, big saving 
Group size 3-12 pax  Departure guaranteed

Afraid of the expensive tour expense?  Here is the your choice that we offer you groups to join in, with the similar Me Time as an independent (or Private tour)  yet the price is cheaper. Besides, we have variety of transfers from city to city, land-cruiser or van, train ride, trishaws, etc. Of course if you do NOT like the accommodation as in the group tour arrangements, you can have your own choice. To satisfy you we have more departures for you to join in, whenever you want to, until you fulfill the whole programs. See and click the images in the slider   

View out of Lhasa in 4 days tour to Tibet

4 days tour insight to Lhasa only

Poplularity: 5 starsview the trip

degree of comfortableness: yes, very

suitable for people: majority of people

Price: $445
5% off (see below)

* Early bird price: Party of over 3 pax
* Early bird means: booking 3 months prior to the departure

On the circular route west to Lhasa

6 days Tibet tour to Dalai and Panchen Lamas' Seats with train ride back

Poplularity: 5 starsview the trip

degree of comfortableness: yes

suitable for people: majority of people

Price: $700
5% off (see below)

* Early bird price: Party of over 3 pax
* Early bird means: booking 3 months prior to the departure

a happy group tour to Everest Base

8 days group tour to Everest Base Camp,round trip, and 3 hours train ride back

Poplularity: 5 starsview the trip

degree of comfortableness: sort of, but adventure

suitable for people: people taking pride in venturing there

Price: $864
5% off (see below)

* Early bird price: Party of over 3 pax
* Early bird means: booking 3 months prior to the departure

More group tours

What forward-thinking tourists do

Tibet Train Tour is one of theme tours, Everest Tour is now made easy, and...

Private Tibet tours are the land of custom tours, it still is and always will be

Of course you Can decide on having a tour only for your own or your party, like a family, a few of friends with whom you have lots of laughters among yours own. Taking a private tour to Tibet, you can decide also on your departure time, and time to return to the hotel, to stay on the scenery whatever long you can, etc. The following are the choices of Private tours in Tibet.

4 days Tour in Lhasa

$510 from

short and comfortable but still obtain a general idea of Tibet, the unique land and friendly people...

7 Days to Tibet Civilization Cradle Eastern Tibet

$820 from

Tibet, like the other peoples, enjoys the high level of civilization. This trip takes you to explore...

7 days Gold Tibet tour route

$790 from

Within 7 days you will feel, in the end of the tour, happy Tibetans live on the not only mountains-rounded...

5 days Special Experience with Tibetans

$660 from

Spend one day with Tibetans to learn to make yak-butter tea, dig out potatoes, and all the else in details...

More of Tibet Private Tours

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What Our Customers Say

Thank you so much for all your help with my recent trip to Tibet and Bhutan, I really did appreciate your friendly, professional advice and assistance with the planning and booking, it was also lovely to get your calls during the trip to make sure all was ok. You are a great asset to your company!

The trip was wonderful, Lhasa was for me the most beautiful city I have been to, visiting the Potola Palace, the Jokhang Temple and the Sera Monastery have been added to my very special store of memories!

Pasang was a great guide, full of knowledge with a touch of humor, our driver very capable and the group I travelled with were also wonderful.

An Index of the travel reviews in the past years:

Jones from Austrilia
We are not perfect, we may made mistakes in the past years due to our own mistakes and that we did not compromised to those robbers as well. However, we have been striving to be the excellent one.

Why Travel To Tibet Is Tibet accessible and how ?

Daily flights to the capital of Tibet, Lhasa, from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Kathmandu (Nepal), provide easy access to Tibet. Hotels, food and transportation have all been greatly improved in the last 50 years. Tibet is also accessible by train via the newly built Qinghai-Tibet railway.

Foreign travelers are not allowed to travel freely in Tibet. To enter Tibet, you need a Tibet travel permit, easily obtained for you by Access Tibet Tour. We provide flexible, personalized, customized, and high quality Tibet tours as well as additional travel services to help you get to, and get the most out of, Tibet.

The best way to contact us is sending us an online inquiry here. And also you can send us an email any time at:

Train tours via Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Experience atrain rideon the world-highest altitude railway!

At Access Tibet Tour, our work is to make impossible possible !

  • Classical Tibet Tour packages - for couples, families, group travelers
  • Join-in Group Tibet Tours - for individual travelers, backpackers, budget travelers
  • Overland Tibet Tours (from Sichuan, Qinghai, Yunnan or Nepal) suspended due to Tibet itself reasons
  • Soft Adventure Tours
  • Train tours to Tibet
  • Tibet Trekking(Hiking) Tours
  • plus travel bookings from other part of China
  • Customized trips for any kind of special request

We provide a selection of carefully designed Tibet Tours to fit your time and budget, and custom tours based on them is available. Simply click here to begin designing a unique Tibet Tour, just for you.

We have also compiled a great deal of useful information, such as maps of Tibet,weather forecasts,photos, history, culture notes and travel tips, to help you prepare for your trip.

Our website and tour guides will help you become a knowledgeable traveler, and most importantly, our online travel consultants will help you from your first email to the moment you leave Tibet. All the work on your tibet tour planning are free

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